VITTI Project Outcome


Implementation of the ITM Worldwide Concept

The VITTI-project has managed to implement the international trade training program – The ITM Worldwide Concept – in Croatia during 2014 and is in the process to implement the concept in Greece, Romania and Bulgaria in the beginning of 2015 according to the implementation plans.

The Need and Market Analysis

The need and market analysis clearly shows that there is a need for a high quality international trade training for SMEs offering not only trade seminars, but also international networking and export coaching by experienced business people to implement an export business plan.

Programs aiming at small and medium-sixed companies must be financed by the government and focus on capacity building within the companies.

Increased export and new jobs created

The analysis done by our partners in Slovenia and Estonia shows that one year after completion of the ITM Worldwide Program SMEs by average has increased export with 800.000 – 1 million Euro and created 3-4 new jobs.

Successful methodology

The methodology used in this partnership has been very successful and also shows that it takes at least two years to create the trust, transfer the experience and take part in the training to be able to implement the concept on governmental level and among the end customers – the SMEs.

A sustainable network to support SMEs

The partners has decided to create a sustainable network of smaller countries in Europe to support SMEs by offering the ITM Worldwide Concept, not only nationally, but also offer joint cross country programs for different industrial sectors to be able to compete with larger countries.

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