INTERNATIONAL INNOVATION - Boosting international trade

The ITM Worldwide Foundation based in Lidköping, Sweden is carrying out groundbreaking work to support SMEs to trade across national boundaries, providing a vital boon for the global economy.

THe ongoIng growth and success of SMEs is crucial to the health of the global economy. As economic and trade barriers continue to dissipate and the world’s economy becomes increasingly globalised, the ability of SMEs to flourish is ever more dependent on their capacity to operate internationally. This is also an area of particular strategic importance to smaller countries with a limited home market, whose economies rely heavily on international exports. However, in order for SMEs to operate across national borders, they require access to appropriately trained and qualified staff. This can often be the biggest obstacle to their growth. Full article

PAN EUROPEAN NETWORK - GOVERMENT - Trade trasining to boost export

"We manage to bridge the ‘knowledge-doing’ gap between universities and SMEs – turning knowledge into action. We are measured not only by outstanding evaluations (50% of customers say that the programme exceeded their expectations), but by something more important: how we can increase exports in SMEs by recruiting and training university graduates and allowing new career opportunities to arise," says Hasse Karlsson, President and Founder of ITM Worldwide Foundation. Full article


"The growth of small and medium-sized companies is an issue of concern worldwide but in spite of free trade agreements there are still obstacles for SMEs to overcome to grow internationally", says Hasse Karlsson President and Founder of ITM Worldwide. Full article

  • Lack of trade skills
  • The knowledge-doing gap
  • Lack of international networks for trade
  • Lack of global qualification systems


MONDAG MORGEN - DENMARK - The export miracle in Lidköping, Sweden

While Denmark is struggling to get more exports, Sweden has found the recipe: 1.100 "export trainees" has been a gilt-edged business for small Swedish companies. They have at once created export growth in the periphery and reduced unemployment among young graduates in big cities. Each trainee has on average increased exports of 5 million Swedish kronor and created 2-3 new jobs in the first year. Monday Morning has visited Lidköping, where it all began, to see what Denmark can learn from the new Swedish export nation. 

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