ITM Worldwide Program kick-off in Zagreb, Croatia


The ITM Worldwide Program had a kick-off in Zagreb, Croatia 11 September in the presens of Deputy Minister Drazen Pros at the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts. This is a result of an EU program called VITTI (Vocational International Trade Trainig Implementation) where Croatia, Greece, Rumania and Bulgaria has decided to implement the ITM Worldide Program. Croatia was the first one to do it thanks to our partner Bozena Gajica Uzelac.
The first ITM Worldwide seminar was International Market Research with Jean Sutton from UK.



The ITM Worldwide is the first program in the world to be certified by IATTO


The ITM Worldwide Program is certified by IATTO

The ITM Worldwide program is the first international trade training program to be certified by IATTO (International Association of Trade Training Organisations). This makes it possible for all our graduates in 27 countries to apply for the IATTO professional designation "World Trade Professional".

“A professional designation gives you a professional identity and recognition among colleagues and employers", says Hasse Karlsson, President and Founder of ITM Worldwide Foundation.

ITM Worldwide boost export and create new jobs in SMEs


The latest publication is an e-book from Adjacent Digital Politics Ltd distributed to 55.000 decision makers in Europe about the ITM Worldwide Concept and the importance of SMEs to overcome the EU unemployment crises and to boost international growth in Europe. February 2014.

Download the e-book (PFD)

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